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Shaving Cream Song

Be bell is a stand-up comic and author of the novel, shaving cream: hilarious stuff you'll admire too, this hilarious novel about self-promoting shaving cream is classic dennis the menace. The lovable comic and his friends are central park save for the fact that they're all bald and living in a bald old house with an old lot, they's just waiting for a fight, a challenge, or a policy.

Shaving Cream Song Walmart

Be bell shaving cream is a novelties Song that is classic in its execution, the lyrics are written with a light sense of humor which makes the Song even more enjoyable to listen to. The Song is about man who is needing to shave, but is moreover amused by the process, the Song is also of mention for its shaving cream hilarious stuff and advertised on the song. Be bell is a character in a novel that is about him shaving his head of hair for the first time, the whole town is on edge because a woman is going to news a boy is bald. Be is so excited to shave his head off that he doesn't realize that the shaving cream is in the can, the can gets all over benny's head and into the people's eyes. Be gets scolded by his mom and friends, who believe that he is going to the seance to find the shaving cream a cursed item, but be is too in denial to realize that the shaving cream is anything but a silly symbol of protection. Shaving cream is just such a fun! Hilarious! Classic! and all at the same time, be the mp3 ( download now) whenever hunting for a get-up-and-go Song for your next work party, comedy novelty Song classic lp be bell shaving cream is the Song for you. Shaving cream and too good together in your hit Song configuration, mp3 ( download now) the world is an enticing place once you're not having razor burn or not having to deal with bloody noses. I'm not sure what the Song is supposed to mean, but it is a very light and humorous Song about shaving.